It’s been raining for the last week. The states around Vermont are somewhat flooded, and we’re under constant flood warning. I honestly don’t remember a time where it’s rained this much in the past couple weeks, but it’s been just coming and coming. I think that it’ll be gone by Monday or so. Coming into work this morning, I got soaked during the ten or so minute walk to the Y.
I’ve been finding that my day goes by a little faster if I bring a notepad or paper with me. During my downtimes, when there’s only one or two people in the pool, or especially if it’s empty, I’ve been doing a bit of writing. Finished plotting out a D20 Modern campaign that I’ve been planning to GM for some of my friends at camp, and later school, and started working on a series of essays about fandom that I’ve had ideas about for about a year now.


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  1. yeah it’s been raining here since Thursday, not light rain either, heavy down pours, I know we need it but still it’s getting old now

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