Okay, I’m typing with just one hand at the moment. The good news – I’m not dead, just injured. The bad news – my right hand and wrist will be in a cast for the next four weeks. I fractured it while biking home after class today. I took a corner a bit too fast, too wide and went flying over the handlebars. My injuries:

  • Fractured right wrist (most likely)
  • Lacerated left knuckles
  • Several smaller cuts to both arms
  • Lacerations to my upper lip and chin
  • Bruised left arm

That’s it. Not too bad, and I didn’t notice the wrist until about an hour later. The school infirmery refered me to the doctor’s, who gave me an x-ray and cast. I have to have it on for the next four weeks.
What annoys me the most is that I can’t go rock climbing for a little while, nor can I really ride my bike for that time.


One thought on “Grounded

  1. Well at least you are all back in one piece now thanks to the doctor, lol! Have I mentioned I HATE packing?!?!? Doin my head in!! I just want it to be done & be back in the US. Course once that happens I will want the work permit to come through which will only mean packing up & moving back over here, when will the packing every end?!?!?!Hoping to make the CL concert, will let you know!

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