Grr… Arg…

So while the evil Black Friday wasn’t too bad, I actually found a parking space and got to work about 20 minutes early, and didn’t have non-stop customers all evening. We also didn’t need to have the store open until 10.

But we didn’t get to leave until 10:40 because the guy in the kiosk messed up his cash/check pull not once, not twice, but three times while I went out and helped him, and ended up having to recount his entire drawer and several hundred dollar pull. I felt bad for him, because he hadn’t done a closing in a while, while I’ve been stuck with it for, well, pretty much every single time that I work. I could tell that he was frustrated. At least we got another 20-30 minutes that we got paid for. And I’m bushed. Later this morning, I’m going to pick up my roommate from the airport.