Revisions, Projects and Deadlines

It’s one week to go before classes are finally over, and exactly one week before my Normandy paper is due to class. The amount of work that I’ve done on it since receiving the edits? Minimal. I didn’t even start my english paper until about 12 hours before it was due, although that came together really quickly. My work ethic is sucking this week, I think senioritis kicked in becauseohgodintwoweeksi’mgoingtograduateandi’llbedonewithschoolfortheforseeablefuture. Gah. Part of me is very happy about this. The part isn’t, because I genuinely enjoy learning and this sort of thing. I’m still thinking and planning on attending graduate school at some point, with the intention to teach or research history somewhere, because this is what I like doing. In the meantime, I have to actually find a job and you know, a place to live.
I’m currently editing a paper for another member of my NU History Seminar, on the US Militia System and our school’s founder, Alden Partridge. It’s an interesting read, and we’re hearing three more presentations later today. I need to type up a critique for this paper, and I think I’ve found some good things to discuss.
After being rejected from Abnaki this year, I’ve started concentrating on full time jobs for the time being. I’ve applied to another book store with the intent on working there and Walden Books and getting some hours between them, which would be nice. I like Bear Pond Books, and have shopped there all my life. It’s one of the independant bookstores in Montpelier, and has a very cool atmosphere to it. I’ve also gotten a called from the Green Mountain Club for an interview with them, which would be very, very cool. My outlook on the summer has improved dramatically. I’ve also learned that a new airline is about to start operating, something similar to Ryanair (a UK carrier), that has prices that are literally as low as they can get. On a good day, a round trip flight to Ohio will cost me under $40. Hopefully, this will help me and Sarah get together more often, as it’s quite expensive and time consuming to drive from here to there.
Also, Drive was cancelled yesterday. Once again, Fox torched a show because of lackluster ratings, although this one was probably cancelled for more reason than Firefly was. (Tim Minear was a producer for Firefly, and the creator of Drive). Poor Nathan Fillion can’t get a break with his shows.
Drive did have potential, but nowhere near Firefly‘s. It had an interesting premise, some interesting characters, but a very limited premise – While it would have been an interesting thing to see play out, but some of the characters were really irritating. Fox was behind this show, unlike with Firefly. There was a ton of ads for it, and really early ads for it – Fox wanted this to work – unfortunently, the viewers just weren’t there – The show got about a 2.5/6 rating for the first episodes and was dragging 24, one of Fox’s most popular shows, down. It’s a pity, this year there were a bunch of cool shows that were cancelled. Andy Barker PI, Smith, Drive, Studio 60 (most likely), Black Donnellys, Daybreak, The Nine, among others. Hopefully, there’ll be some of the good shows, such as Heroes, Raines, LOST, Supernatural and Veronica Mars, that will get another couple of seasons.
Right, back to my editing…


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  1. wow, that’s cool – I heard a rumour that RyanAir is going to be starting flights to the US – keep your eyes out

  2. Fancy going away for the weekend that you’re here – like a road trip or something . . . let me know

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