Virtuality Moves Up

Has anyone else heard about Virtuality? Fox picked it up for a TV series, and they will be releasing the pilot on June 26th, at 8:00 PM. I’ve been following the project for a little while now, and it’s certainly an interesting project, although it is in limbo as to whether it’ll actually become a series or not. Originally, this was slated to be released July 4th on Fox, and this move might indicate that they have a little more faith in it.

Here’s how the SciFi Wire described the show:

The crew of the Phaeton is approaching the go/no-go point of its epic 10-year journey through outer space. With the fate of Earth in the crew’s hands, the pressure is intense. The best bet for helping the crew members maintain their sanity is the cutting-edge virtual-reality technology installed on the ship. It’s the perfect stress reliever until they realize a glitch in the system has unleashed a virus onto the ship. Tensions mount as the crew decides how to contain the virus and complete their mission. Meanwhile, their lives are being taped for a reality show back on Earth.

It’s supposed to be quite good, and there are a number of possibilities for where the creators can go with the storyline. It looks like it’s got a fairly big cast, although there’s nobody that really jumps out at me for people that I recognize. I’m mainly interested in this because Ron Moore’s the guy who created it, and given his track record from Battlestar Galactica, there are undoubtably some high expectations for this from other SciFi fans. Plus, Peter Burg is directing the pilot, and I’ve generally been really impressed with his work.

What gets me more interested is that while there will undoubtably be Matrix and other sort of cyberpunk connections to this, I’m really excited that this seems to be a completely original show and story. This isn’t a remake, adaptation or inspired by sort of project, and I really hope that this’ll make it to the TV series stage because there are so few good space shows out there at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Virtuality Moves Up

  1. Funny you mention this today of all things, as (whilst suffering BSG withdrawal from recently finishing the DVDs for Season 4 a few days back) I went to Wiki ad read about Moor and then this show. Looks great. I read it is meant to be just as intriguing and dark with character development in it too. (I like how Moore said a long way back that he hated BS like in Star Trek where ships would be host at but next episode be all pristine again as if nothing had happened.) Anyway, other than the reality TV part, this sounds really great.

    I am just going to start Firefly tonight (I hope) to help deal with my loss of BSG! And to think I am not even a TV fan. Other than this show, I never watch serial TV shows.

  2. The description doesn’t really turn me on–the whole VR thing seems so ’90s now, with the reality-TV bit added to make it topical. Nevertheless I’m definitely willing to give this a try since any new (read: original) space-sci-fi is very welcome right now. The first sentence reminds me of JMS’ Crusade, and io9’s script peek from last year looks respectable.

  3. There’s going to be quite a lot when it comes to VR stuff – what with this and the Galactica prequel Captrica coming up. I don’t necessarily see it as a dated concept, but it will depend on how they handle the subject matter.

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