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Now that the New Year has begun once again, it’s time to take stock of what’s on my reading plate for the coming year. Last week, as my bookstore closed, I bought a pile (literally) of books of all types, which has once again pushed my bookshelves to overflow. This year, one of the things that I’d most like to do is read quite a few of these.

Currently Reading:

The Monuments Men, Robert Edsel
Monuments Men is the story of a US Army unit that was put together during the Second World War, where they were tasked with saving and preserving cultural artifacts from what is arguably the most destructive war in history. More than just that, however, is a look at the costs of war beyond just the human lives.

The Last and First Men, Olaf Stapeldon
I picked this book up at the fantastic Northfield Bookstore a couple weeks ago, and read a bit of it. I’m still working through this interesting story of the future of man. Despite being written in the 1930s, Stapeldon got a couple details right, and some interesting theories on what would happen to humanity.

Andvari’s Ring, Arthur Peterson
Another old book that I really, really like. I’m finding that I need to be in the proper mood for this one, as it’s an epic poem, but I’ve really loved what I’ve read thus far. It’s a fantastic story from the Norse, with their crazy gods and heroes.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon
I started this a while ago, a story of an autistic child who is attempting to solve a crime. It’s been a little while since I’ve picked it up, but I’m going to finish it at some point in the near future.

How Starbucks Saved My Life, Michael Gill
I got this book very, very cheaply a while back, and the best way that I can sum it up is: “Old White Guy discovers humility”. It’s not a book that I’m terribly thrilled with, and just goes to show that anyone can trump up their story a bit and get a successful book out of it. I don’t know when I’ll get to it again, but it’s not really a priority.

Blood and Thunder, Hampton Sides
This book I really like, but just haven’t gotten around to finishing it. An interesting history between the American expansion into the West, and Kit Carson, it’s engrossing and riveting. I need to get back to this one soon.

Next Up:

These books are higher on my priority list – the first tier, so to speak:

The Big Burn, Timothy Egan
Race of the Century, Julie Fenster
The Dead Hand, David Hoffman

And the rest, in no particular order:

D-Day, Antony Beevor
The Making of the Atomic Bomb, Richard Rhodes
Hot, Flat and Crowded, Thomas Friedman
Manhood for Amateurs, Michael Chabon
Andrew Carnige, David Nasaw
People’s Tycoon, Steven Watts
Death Masks, Jim Butcher
Blood Rites, Jim Butcher
Small Favor, Jim Butcher
Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris
Theodore Rex, Edmund Morris
Kindred, Octavia Butler
The Forever War, Joe Halderman
Echo of Battle, Joseph Linn
A Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin
The Warded Man, Peter Brett
The Purpose of the Past, Gordon Wood
Geek’s Guide to World Domination, Garth Sundem
Use of Weapons, Iain M Banks
Players of Games, Iain M Banks
Makers, Cory Doctorow
Alas, Babylon, Pat Frank
Coraline, Neil Gaiman
The Sheriff of Yrnameer, Michael Rubens
Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson
Anatham, Neal Stephenson,
Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold
Johannes Cabal, Necromancer, Jonathan Howard
Woken Furies, Richard K Morgan

And, a couple others that I just haven’t pulled out or remembered. There’s a lot there, and undoubtedly, there’ll be quite a few others that will be added on to the list as the year progresses.


2 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. This is a cool idea, I’ve never thought to put a post together with all the books that I plan to read contained within it, but I just might follow your example here.

    I’ve read How Starbucks Saved My Life and was seriously underwhelmed. You’ve summed it up well, though there are moments in that book where you can’t help but wonder how much of the story has been cleaned up. It’s too sugary-sweet too much of the time and comes off feeling “sanitized for your protection.” Oh well. And you’ve reminded me I need to read Curious Incident….. Bravo and good luck with your reading this year!

    • I’ve done it for a couple years now, and every now and then, I put together a list. I’ve found it’s a great way to prioritize what I’m reading, and to think about what I’m going to read next.

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