Last Day to Read: Fragmented



Today is the last day of June, which means that my story’s time on Galaxy’s Edge is now coming to a close (I think). Fragmented appeared in the May/June issue, and with a new issue on the horizon, your time to read it is coming to a close. While it won’t be online, you can still purchase a back issue from the magazine’s website, in either print or electronic form.

Read Fragmented here. Edit: now offline. Buy the May 2014 issue here: Digital, Paperback.

Thanks to everyone who’s read the story and e-mailed me, talked to me or otherwise let me know that they enjoyed the story. This was my first pro-publication – ever – and it’s cool to see my words in print. Onwards!


One thought on “Last Day to Read: Fragmented

  1. Just wanted to say that I went to read your story but current issue is already July now. I have enjoyed your reviews and articles. Am traveling but saw the great news too late. Will see about subscribing….meantime though..a big congrats being in print for the first time….has got to be exciting. Much encouragement to you!!!

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