The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Gardner Dozois

One of the first science fiction books that I ever bought was one edited by Gardner Dozois, one of his Year’s Best Science Fiction collections (#18). I really loved anthologies early on (and still do), picking through and reading the summations of the prior year, and the fiction that made up the best of that year.… More The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Gardner Dozois

Destination: Venus

I have a new nonfiction article up on Clarkesworld Magazine, Destination: Venus, a followup to Destination: Mars from last year. Like the last post, it covers a topic that I’ve been getting more and more interested in: how did we discover the Solar System, and how did we interpret those findings? Science Fiction is the ideal… More Destination: Venus

PSA: Facebook Page

For a while now, I’ve been feeling guilty about the number of links I’ve been foisting on friends on Facebook – it’s increased as I’ve taken on more freelance work. To alleviate this, I’ve set up a personal page, which will feature all of the things that I’ve been writing, and other SF/Writing type links… More PSA: Facebook Page

The Innovative Jim Baen

I have to say, I have a visceral reaction to a Baen cover when I see it on the bookshelf. I’m not a fan of the bold colors, typeface and generally, of the illustrations. I’ve picked up the books, and I’m typically not their target audience. (Actually, the above image is one of the covers… More The Innovative Jim Baen

The Adventures Of The LA Science Fantasy Society

My latest post is up on Kirkus Reviews, and it’s all about the L.A. Science Fantasy Society, the longest-running science fiction fan clubs in the world. Fandom is a really interesting thing in the SF/F world, because the edges between professional, amateur and fan are very blurry. Fans often go from engaged readers to active… More The Adventures Of The LA Science Fantasy Society