Why I Troop

This question has come up a couple of times, and I’ve been thinking over the reasons for why I’ve been trooping for the past couple of years. To fully comprehend it, I’ve been trying to think about my entry to the 501st in context, which pulls into a larger arena, why I’m a geek in … More Why I Troop

Sigh, More Fanboys Drama

Sometimes, I think that the internet is a wonderful tool. Other times, it seems to really bring people out of the woodwork. Not since the release of the new Battlestar Galactica have I seen so much pent-up drama and somewhat misguided angst over a film. For those of you who don’t know, the upcoming movie … More Sigh, More Fanboys Drama

The Original 6

Earlier this year, I picked up a wonderful book on the making of the first Star Wars movie – The Making Of Star Wars, by JW Rinzler. I was paging through and started looking for where they started doing things with the Storm Troopers in the film. The first reference I came across was on … More The Original 6

Geek Weekend

It seems like it’s a really appropriate way to end the week – a convention. This weekend, I’m not only attending Arisia Con, a big SciFi/Fantasy convention down in Cambridge, Mass, but I’m also going to a show of Spamalot in Boston with Sam and Miranda, two good friends of mine, who, like me are … More Geek Weekend

The Fighting 501st

Now that I am out of college and have the spare time and a full time job that pays, I’ve been able to return to an organization that I’ve really been proud to be a part of. in 2004, I joined the 501st Storm Trooper Legion and trooped with the group in 2005, for Celebration … More The Fighting 501st