What is Science Fiction?

The Guardian Newspaper posted up an article about the label of Science Fiction when it comes to regular literature. Science Fiction as a broad genre has a number of connotations and images associated with it, for sure, but what exactly is the definition of the grouping? According to Isaac Asimov, one of the greatest science … More What is Science Fiction?

Sometimes a Great Notion

    This review will contain major spoilers for Episode 411 of Battlestar Galactica.    After 271 days, Battlestar Galactica has returned for its final ten episode arc that will bring us to the conclusion of the series. This has been a long time coming, and there has been a huge buildup of anticipation. Who … More Sometimes a Great Notion

Best Television of 2008

My top TV episodes of 2008: 10 – Fringe: Pilot / Leverage: The Nigerian Job This was a bit of a tie, because both these shows aren’t all that great, but they are fun to watch. Fringe was one that I was really looking forwards to, and I’ve been somewhat disappointed by how it’s been … More Best Television of 2008

December is SciFi Month

I know exactly when my tastes in Science Fiction and Fantasy began to change to what they are today – December, 2003. While driving a friend up Burlington, we stopped by the University Mall in South Burlington, ostensibly to do some Christmas shopping. Earlier that week, I was reading a copy of SciFi Magazine, which … More December is SciFi Month

Frackin' Hell

Battlestar’s back! Finally, we’ve got a nice run of the nine remaining episodes for the rest of the season after another long wait and cliffhanger. After the Eye of Jupiter, Dianna’s been boxed, everyone gets off of the algae planet in one piece, the star went nova, Six is on board Galactica (again), Baltar’s back … More Frackin' Hell

The Best TV of 2006

Now that Christmas is over and it’ll be the New Year tomorrow, I figure I’d do a bit of looking back on things. So, the best TV of this year: New TV This was the year that the television networks picked up on the fact that serialized TV might sell really well. Following the sucesses … More The Best TV of 2006

When We Collide

I’m going insane. Between my mad rush to get my final papers in and my co workers at work, I think that I’m going to be insane by the end of the year. If you see a babbling idiot in the corner, that’ll be me. My final exam for Gothic lit was pushed back a … More When We Collide

Dropping like a rock

Want to see what made Friday night’s episode of Galactica so good? Keep in mind that that’s something the size of an Aircraft carrier, if not bigger, and isn’t designed for atmospheres. And it’s falling. There’s more to the episode that’s just plain awesome, but that part made everyone in the room just cheer.


Galactica is officially the best show ever. Resistance moving up. Adama’s back. Decoy Battlestars. Raptors and vipers. GALACTICA JUMPING INTO NEW CAPRICA’S ATMOSPHERE AND JUMPING OUT. VIPERS IN ATMO. The Pegasus, oh god, the pegasus. The fleet and humanity reunited. Best. Episode. Ever. Major squee.