Homesteading Space

The University of Nebraska Press has undertaken a huge series that I have been paying close attention to over the past year – the Outward Odyssey Series, which examines the human endeavors into outer space. The latest installment, Homesteading Space turns to a relatively unknown element, but crucial element of our trips to orbit, Skylab. … More Homesteading Space

Review: Order 66

Karen Traviss’s four book series based off of the Republic Commando video game came to a close with the publication of her latest Star Wars novel, Order 66. The book is a slightly uneven affair, with a number of story lines coming to a close in a quick, complete fashion. The book is by no … More Review: Order 66

To A Distant Day

I had a really nice surprise on Friday afternoon – a package from the University of Nebraska Press with a copy of the next installment of their Outward Odyssey series, To A Distant Day, by Chris Gainor, about the human history of space exploration. I was a big fan of the first two books in … More To A Distant Day

Book Blog

An update on what I’ve been reading recently, covering World War II, Science Fiction and the Grand Canyon. I finally finished my copy of Rick Atkinson’s Pulitzer-winning book An Army At Dawn, the first in his ongoing Liberation Trilogy. I had started the book a long time ago, when I was in college, but for … More Book Blog

Look to the Skies

I finally finished the first two books in the Outward Odyssey series, both by Colin Burgess and Francis French, about some of the earlier days of the human space exploration. The first book, Into That Silent Sea, covers the first space missions, from Yuri Gagarin’s training and historic flight to the stars, to the end … More Look to the Skies