Complicated History

A couple of months ago, I went to the Sullivan Museum and History Museum at Norwich University for a talk by one of the history professors, Dr. Steven Sodergren, as part of an exhibit series on the Civil War. His talk was about the specific motivations for individuals on each side of the Civil War, … More Complicated History

Out of the Ashes: How an Irish Episcopal Priest Saved Norwich University

I’ve sold a new article to the Norwich Record, titled Out of the Ashes: How an Irish Episcopal Priest Saved Norwich University. This was one of the projects that I was working on last fall, and shortly after the start of the New Year, I submitted my final draft. The research phase was interesting: going … More Out of the Ashes: How an Irish Episcopal Priest Saved Norwich University

Dreadnought, Cherie Priest

It’s hard to mention the term Steampunk without also mentioning Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century series, an alternate history of the United States, featuring all of the bells and whistles that comes with the territory. The first novel, Boneshaker, was well received, as was the short novella, Clementine, set shortly after the events of the first … More Dreadnought, Cherie Priest

Major William Wells

Earlier this month, I travelled down to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with two of our instructors, Dr. John Votaw and Dr. John Broom to prepare for an upcoming MMH program that we will be conducting a year from now. In the past couple of years, we’ve done two staff rides to Fredericksburg, to examine the Overland Campaign … More Major William Wells

On This Day…

Today marks the 143rd anniversary of the Northern most battle in the Civil War, a Confederate Raid on a bank in St. Alban’s Vermont. Moving in through Canada, lead by Bennett Young, of Kentucky, the group of Confederates number twenty-one calvery men. They arrived nine days earlier and assembled, and at 3:00 pm, they started … More On This Day…

American Civil War

Okay, once a week, I have a class on the American Civil War, from 7-10, three hours. Some of my friends made some funny faces when I tell them this, but it’s not too bad. The book that we’re reading out of, Ordeal By Fire, by James McPherson, is amazing, really well done. It’s kinda … More American Civil War