Winding Down

Finally, I just had my last two geology classes of the semester. It’s such a relief to have finally finished. I like geology, but these two classes have been extremely discouraging at times, enough to make me rethink being a geology major. It’s nice to end the semester on a couple of classes that you’re… More Winding Down

2nd Trip of the Week

Just got back from another geology trip this week. This time, we went to southern Vermont, near Rutland, where we took a look at some folds and faults. It was much better than a regular lab, being outside in the sun, that was lots of fun. The only problem- I woke up at 0915 after… More 2nd Trip of the Week

More Arizona Images

I have a lot more on the way, but here’s a couple more that I got up: Me at Toroweap Point Grand Canyon at Toroweap Hike Down Snow Canyon Opposite Side of Toroweap

Trip Pictures!

One of the girls that was on the trip, Stacy, put a number of pictures on CD, which I’ve been able to get up online thanks to the wonderful Here’s a handful of them: Fire Canyon More of Fire Canyon- Red Rocks are the Windgate Formation Snow Canyon – Petrified Dunes Us. Gred, Meegan,… More Trip Pictures!