Summer Vacation- In two days.

I’m finally done with the semester! I took my Stratigraphy exam this morning, finished it in an hour (It was only 11 questions) went home, finished my basin project that I’ve been laboring over for the past week or so got everything done there, returned some overdue books and yeah, I’m done for the year.

It didn’t really hit me until I was walking away from the library that the year was over. Completely over. I cannot believe how fast it went by, because it seems like I had just started first semester just days ago. And yet, it seems like I’ve been at this forever, and it’s now done. Now to start two jobs. I’ll be starting at KAS Inc, an environmental company that my Dad works at, for four weeks until Camp starts- and when I go off to Admin training for a week, then Staff training for another week. I’ll be working there for ten weeks total. So, over the next fourteen or so weeks, I’m going to have a greatly decreased online presence, probably. I know for the last ten weeks or so.

And now, computer problems to deal with. Whenever I try to engage my virus checker, it shuts down, saying that I have made an illegal error or some shit like that. Same thing with my e-mail and a couple of websites. Gr… As I’m writing this, I’m defraging my harddrive, then for a restart and disk cleanup. Hopefully that will solve things, or things will get ugly.

First, time to catch up on all the sleep that I’ve missed the past couple days…


Three Down, One More To Go…

I just finished my Structural Geology exam, and I was extremely surprised how easy it was. I’m not sure if it was the professor going easy on us, or if I just knew the material, I think that I’m going to be fairly pleased with the results. Hopefully, it will help with my grade, which isn’t going to be really great. One more exam to look for, Stratigraphy, plus the monster project, which I need to finish up. Finished History last night, and Political Science earlier that day, so I’m almost done. Finally.

I just went out to drop off my paycheck for last month, and found that the Dave Matthew’s Band just released their next CD, which caught me by surprise. I picked it up, and it’s got a really different sound from what they’ve used in prior years, which surprised me somewhat.
So Stand Up. I’ve listened to it a couple of times, and I’ve gotten a couple of thoughts on it so far. Overall, good CD. Not great, but pretty good. It’s definently a much different sound from what they usually sound like, even from their last CD as a group, Busted Stuff. Stand Up seems a lot more laid back, calmer, whereas a lot of their other albums have a lot of energy bundled up inside. There are some really good tracks on this one that has more energy than others, such as Stand Up (For It), American Baby, Everybody Wake Up and Louisiana Bayou. They’re all really good tracks, as are all the other ones here, but some parts are just so different than their other prior works. I imagine American Baby was selected for the radio because it’s probably the one that’s the most similar to their normal stuff, and it’s gotten mixed reviews.Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy their sound for this album. It’s innovative, interesting and have roots in several different types of music. It’s just slighty unexpected. It’s got some Southern Babtist, Folk, Rock and a little R&B thrown together and the results are impressive. Musically, it’s amazing. I’m sure that this is going to grow on me a bit more.

Anyone else having problems loading it into iTunes?

Anyone use the FaceBook? My school just opened up to it and I got a profile for it:
Facebook me! It just exploded here. Literally. I’ve also been able to find some people that I haven’t talked to in ages.

More later, if I have time…

I am:

Arthur C. Clarke

Well known for nonfiction science writing and for early promotion of the effort toward space travel, his fiction was often grand and visionary.

Which science fiction writer are you?

Winding Down

Finally, I just had my last two geology classes of the semester. It’s such a relief to have finally finished. I like geology, but these two classes have been extremely discouraging at times, enough to make me rethink being a geology major.

It’s nice to end the semester on a couple of classes that you’re somewhat interested in (Political Science and History)

I really miss C3 😦

2nd Trip of the Week

Just got back from another geology trip this week. This time, we went to southern Vermont, near Rutland, where we took a look at some folds and faults. It was much better than a regular lab, being outside in the sun, that was lots of fun. The only problem- I woke up at 0915 after my alarm didn’t go off, and I had to get to school by 0930. After making lunch and taking out the trash. That was an interesting ride to school, but I wasn’t the last person to get there. Listened to some music on a CD that I burned the previous night, slept a little, looked at rocks in the sunlight with no snow to be found. Yep, good day.
I’ve been listening to Carbon Leaf and Low Millions compulsively. Two great bands. I think that I’m going to try and see Carbon Leaf the 27th. It’s be a shame to miss a band that I like when they’re so close. Vermont’s not exactly the high point in concert tours, although we do get some people every now and then. I’ve found that between their main site and, I’ve gotten about 3 hours of their music, including a couple of full CDs.

New York Geology and Spies

Got back late last night from New York, where we spent the entire day looking at rocks covering the Precambrian Age to the Devonian. We started by leaving at 4:30 am, and hit our first stop at about 6:00 am over near White Hall. From there, we went to a place called Lester’s Garden, which featured Stromatolites, near the base of the Cambrian. From there, we went to a site with black shales, then up the column to more Cambrian, Ordivician, Silurian and Devonian, seeing various fossiliferous limestones, shales, and sand stones. We found a lot of fossils in some sites. One of them was essentially an entire reef, entirely made up of fossils. I collected some great samples of coral and crinoids. We ended our trip over near the Adirondacks and Catskills. There’s something great about New York, at least the area that I’ve been in. We used to have a lake house in the Adirondacks, which we sold several years ago. The terrain is very different from Vermont in some ways. There’s no large mountains like Vermont has, in some areas, with smaller hills and lower areas. The way that houses and fields are arranged, it’s got a very cool feel to it. Maybe I’ll return someday.

Spring is officially here. The snow is finally melting off of our lawn, and the Corps of Cadets have changed into their Summer Bees, which are short sleeve White top uniforms with blue trousers, a change from the long sleeve blue tops and trousers. The snow’s gone down there as well, as well as everywhere else that I’ve gone. There’s still some snow in banks in the shadows, but now that the temperature is getting higher and the days are getting longer. It’s great to be able to go outside in a tee shirt, even though it’s about fifty degrees. Still
better than sub zero temps. It also means that the road is full of mud and ruts, which makes me hate the road more than ever, just because it’s a pain to drive on, all the time. Hopefully, it’s on the way out soon.

I’ve been recently watching a show called Alias, created by JJ Abrams, who also did LOST, another show that I’ve been watching. This guy has talant, and he’s really going to be going places. The show’s pretty good, although I think that I like Lost a little more, although this one certainly makes up for it in action and a highly structured storyline. Abrams is going to be directing Mission Impossible 3, and given some of the material that I’ve seen him direct, I think that he’ll be good for it. I’ve also been thinking: He should direct the third Bourne movie. That would be awesome.

For a little while now, I’ve been noticing how out of shape that I’m getting. The Grand Canyon trip was pretty brutal at times, going down and up, but I’ve also gained a little weight, and while that’s not a bad thing, I’m not terribly happy about it. So I need to get out more. The Norwich Climbing Club is not really meeting anymore since on of the leaders has been kicked out, and I haven’t been climbing in a while. I went for a run this morning, no more than a mile, probably a little more and I got out of breath pretty badly on the way back. I’m going to try and do that more now. I think that it’s a little much to hope that I’ll run in the mornings, but I’m going to see if I can do that. Maybe talk with a friend or two of mine, and find out when they’re working out in the gym.

Just got really good news, my friend Eric’s coming over for a bit. Haven’t seen him in forever.

More Arizona Images

I have a lot more on the way, but here’s a couple more that I got up:

Me at Toroweap Point

Grand Canyon at Toroweap

Hike Down

Snow Canyon

Opposite Side of Toroweap

Trip Pictures!

One of the girls that was on the trip, Stacy, put a number of pictures on CD, which I’ve been able to get up online thanks to the wonderful Here’s a handful of them:

Fire Canyon

More of Fire Canyon- Red Rocks are the Windgate Formation

Snow Canyon – Petrified Dunes

Us. Gred, Meegan, O’Neill, Kris and Me, Stacy Missing

Mesa, near St. George

Road to the Grand Canyon, Cinder Cone in the background

Grand Canyon. Professor Dunn in Corner

Greg trapped

Dangerous Trail

Trek Down- Me and Prof. Dunn in Center, Greg and Jason in Foreground

The Colorado River

Crossbedding at Zion National Park

Entire Group: (Top) Jason, Prof. Westerman, Kris, Prof Dunn. (Bottom) Me, Meegan, Stacy and Greg at Zion (Eh picture of me…)

Hoover Dam

That’s the first bit, more to come later!