Full field day yesterday in Glacial- we went out looking at varves and deposits in a proglacial lake system, which was pretty interesting, and helped take my mind off of things. Site number one was in Warren, where we got to cross a pretty cold stream and then up a wet, clay rich enbankment, which was lots of fun. The entire thing was composed of varves, which was really cool to see for the first time, after learning about them over the past two years. Varves are a glacial deposit that are linked to melt seasons in a pro-glacial lake. Basically, Glaciers dump a huge amount of sediment into a basin, and after the larger things settle out, such as sand, silt is carried further and deposited. During the time that the lake then melts over, currents essentialy stop and clay is deposited. Then the melt season comes and the cycle is started over again. The result is a silt-clay layering that represents an annual cycle, as accurate as tree rings. And when it’s wet, it’s really slippery. We had one person fall and bash his head, and I slipped a couple times. Got my boots soaked when we crossed back over the stream.
The second site was different, a huge sand deposit that showed ripples and other lake bottom structures, with a few varves thrown in. Fell there too. We also got kicked off the property, because some idiots decided to build houses on top of the enbankment, which is about 60 ft high, and eroding back fast.
Then comes the annual haunted hayride. First night was last night, went off pretty well. We had just a couple people from the club come, but we had a couple of rooks help us out. We ended up running a flying monkey, which was interesting, but we were also given a chainsaw, and someone brought their airsoft M4 and a paintball gun. Basically, they were soldiers on patrol, and I was a chainsaw murderer, who gets shot, comes back to life and killes them, then takes off after the wagon. Worked pretty well.
But know my knees and back is pretty sore, and my voice is starting to go. Two more days…


Rainy Weekend

It’s been raining for the past week. Not really outright downpouring, but it’s been close at times. It’s gone from drizzling to pretty heavy stuff most of the time. While I don’t mind rain much, it can drag on at times, which makes everyone cranky here. I’m always surprised at how annoyed people get with falling water. Most of the time (When it’s not really really cold out) it’s great to walk in. It’s just water, and I’m not really afraid of melting.
This week is the annual Haunted Hayride at Norwich, which is both good and bad. Good, because it’s fun to scare the crap out of everyone who goes through it. Bad, because everyone running the thing thought that the entire Tactics club (The Norwich games club for which I’m the president for) wasn’t coming this year. Big communications breakdown, and my NUAC rep for the club was giving us bad information on what was going on. So I got to spend a good part of this weekend trying to figure things out. Fortunently, we were able to get a site and thing to do. I helped out this morning setting up. Learned how telephone poles were put into the ground and gave one of the other guys a brief lesson on why the entire campus is essentially built on a huge sandpile. (Campus was at one point under 200 feet of water, about 10,000 years ago due to glacial stuff) But, we’re doing the event, and hopefully I can get some people from the club to actually help out.
And, I got my midterm grades back! As and Bs, which is really good, because I’ve been needing a boost in the GPA. I’ve noticed that I’ve been working better on things this year, most likely because of the two jobs that I’ve held over the summer, and the things that I learned from them…
And with that, back to Nation Building homework…