Throw it all Away

So, it’s Vacation. Number of days in: 5. Things accomplished: Minimal. I should really get going on the school work.Did a little work yesterday, picked up my sister at school to bring her to Physical Therapy. Before I did that, I walked around my old high school, running into an old friend whom I haven’t … More Throw it all Away


Gah, it’s definently been an eh day. I feel like crap, stomach ache, tired, and have had a headache for the past two days.On the bright side, I finally isolated the program that’s been giving me the insane number of popups, and found another program that helped get rid of a lot of the spywear, … More Gar

Before the Robots

Life has been going good recently. School’s going well, work’s going well, despite the increasing number of sketchy people walking around the Berlin Mall, things in general have been looking up, a big improvement over last year, where at this time, I was angry, depressed and hopeless.Not to be depressing.I’m enjoying work; business is picking … More Before the Robots

The Saints are Coming

I finally found a copy of U2 and Green Day’s collaboration, The Saints are Coming, which sounds fantastic (It’ll be on their upcoming Best Of album called U218) – It was a collaborative effort after Katrina, as the song has some very strong connections with New Orleans. And, given Green Day and U2’s political despositions, … More The Saints are Coming

Breathe in the Night

I’m seeing Carbon Leaf tonight! This will mark the 4th time that I’ll be going to one of their shows, and my third at the Higher Ground. I’m excited. They’re great in person, and Love Loss Hope Repeat has some really good songs on it. I’m taking Keelia, my sister, along with me, and one … More Breathe in the Night

My Parents

My parents rock. I don’t think that I ever say that, or any form of a dignified thank you to them, but I need to more often. And because I know you read this: Thank you. Thank you for everything that you’ve done over the years, putting up with me, my moods, geekiness, problems, being … More My Parents

This is a Water Stop

Kinda how I’m feeling today – slow, not really tired, but unmotivated. One class was cancelled, I skipped my next one to catch up on some work and to eat lunch. Class this afternoon was short, and I got my work in.It’s dreary out today, and it’s been raining out all day, and I went … More This is a Water Stop