Love! And Snow!

Anyone here a fan of the Beatles? Who isn’t? Recently, they’ve released yet another album – this one entitled Love, which is the soundtrack to a Las Vegas show. Sounds very tacky, but with the former Beatles producer at the helm, and with the blessing of the two remaining Beatles, this is a simply amazing listen.

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What they did is take 26 tracks from the album and went back to the original outtakes, as well as mixed in a number of other elements from other songs. There’s something like 48 of their songs wrapped up here in this album, whether it’s a drum beat or something.
The result is phenomenal – this is the Beatles as you’ve never heard them, and the sound is great. It’s fast, deep, rich and created with quite a bit of care. Unlike their Beatles 1 album, this is a better spectrum of their works, and the album flows from song to song almost effortlessly. I’ve asked my sister for this for christmas, and plan on getting this for a couple of other people. If you haven’t listened to it, do so. It’s really, really good.

And I woke up to one of the best things that I can think of- the ground is covered in an inch or so of fresh snow. It’s quite something to wake up and see the landscape an entirely different color. And you can’t go wrong with snow.

Just a couple more weeks of school, and the semester will be over. It’s going by fast.

Alone in the Flatland 'tween the Dream and the Real

Things have been ranging between calm to panicky to depressing to happy over the past couple of days. My lax work ethic over the break is catching up to me now, with papers due on Monday, today, Thursday and things to start working on over the next week. Not to mention reading, and other studying that I should be doing.
As of right now, I’m halfway through my five page book review for History, on the book Franklin and Winston, by Jon Meacham, a fantastic history on Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt during World War II. I was 90% done with the paper this afternoon, but when I went back over it, I decided that it wasn’t worth the risk handing that particular semi-incomprehensible draft in, so two days down the drain and I’m slowly working to bring this paper from the current three pages up to the required five to seven. I think that I should make it, things are starting to fall into place.
I’ve taken far too many breaks, but they’ve been for semi-good reasons. House was on tonight, with an okay episode, then Veronica Mars with the mid season finale and conclusion to the rape case with a very typical Veronica Mars ending. The rapists are found, but to lead into the next mystery, Dean O’Dell is found with a bullet in his head. Yay for the mid season breaks to start kicking in! Veronica MarsPrison Break is off the air until January, as is LOST, Jericho will be off after this week and Heroes will be off after next week and Battlestar will be off shortly as well. Just in time for vacation, when I’ll actually have the time to watch things.
And the Decemberists were on The Late Show, which was far too short. If you’re going to get a musical guest on for the night, you might as well have them on for more than one song. At least talk to them a little. They’re a good band, although it took me a bit longer than a year for them to grow on me – I have Sarah to thank for that. But their newer stuff sounds (at least to me) much better than some of the older stuff. They did sound good though.
And despite the work and things, I’ve been getting to bed earlier than usual, getting up earlier, an arrangement I’m not terribly thrilled with, but it’s livable. Lonelier though.
Now, to finish up this report, get another 500 word thing pounded out and we should be shiny.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope that everyone had a good thanksgiving (yesterday now). I had dinner with the family in the afternoon, where we were expecting to have something like 13 people, but that went down to 8, which meant that some of us weren’t banished to the garage. It was a good dinner. Me, my parents, brother and sister, Uncle and his girlfriend and my grandmother were all there. It was fun, and the food was fantastic, as my mother is a great cook. I contributed bread, which people seemed to like. Lots of talking and fun, which was good.
After that, me and my sister went to go visit my friend Sam and Miranda up in Burlington, which was fun, I haven’t seen them since this summer. Keelia and Miranda watched Veronica Mars while Sam and I visited my friend Blackwell in his new house. He was surprised to see us, and we hung out for a little while, played with the dog that they were dogsitting and generally caught up.
It was a good night.

Hope that everyone else had an equally as good Thanksgiving.

Throw it all Away

So, it’s Vacation. Number of days in: 5. Things accomplished: Minimal. I should really get going on the school work.
Did a little work yesterday, picked up my sister at school to bring her to Physical Therapy. Before I did that, I walked around my old high school, running into an old friend whom I haven’t seen in years, as well as a number of teachers and people that I knew there. It was weird being back there, and I don’t go to visit very often. Teachers are the same, but there’s different kids all over the place. My old TA, Ginny, was thrilled to see me, and was horribly surprised that it’s been four years since graduation. Another teacher, whom I’d started with at grade 7 was also surprised that it’s been a decade. God, I’ve never thought of it like that.
Dropped Keelia off, and met up with my friend Sarah, who’s back from New Zealand for the winter, spent a couple hours catching up on various things. I’ve also known her for ten years now. It was good to see her. Picked Keelia up afterwards, dropped by Smalldog electronics, where I got my iPod, to get them to check it out, and while waiting, played with the small puppy that was bouncing around the store. (It’s called Smalldog for a reason). Keelia practically squealed when she saw him, and he was very cute, although he kept wanting to nibble on my hand.
Yeah, rest of the day was uneventful. Tried to do some more work, got some reading done, my brother came over, watched House and Veronica Mars, both good episodes.
Today’s proving to be just as uneventful, as I’m finishing up some bread and random cleaning of the place, and I’ve got work in a couple hours. I’m going to make a serious effort to get some more work done.

You only get what you give

Mundane day today, with an evening filled with many interesting things that will be listed. I puttered. I changed out all of the lightbulbs in my house with energy savers, finished out a couple more loaves of bread and fullfilled my obligations for Thanksgiving dinner, watched some more of Veronica Mars, did a little reading and yeah. No major progress on my reports or other readings, but that’ll be coming soon. Hopefully.

Interesting / Noteworthy things:

  • Prison Break, Heroes and Studio 60 were on. Prison Break was decent, but Heroes and Studio 60 were brilliant.
  • Studio 60 made fun of Jessica Simpson and FOX and really dug at the network for product placement.
  • Veronica Mars has been picked up for a full season, or twenty episodes.
  • Steven Spielburg told people today that he’ll be working on a Tintin miniseries and a new WWII one.
  • The trailer for Harry Potter 5 came out, and it actually looks good.

Bad things:

  • Peter Jackson isn’t going to be directing or working on the upcoming Hobbit movie. Between financial things between his studio, Wingnut Films and New Line Cinema, over the gains from LOTR, they’re not being asked back. Between that and the Halo movie, he’s not having a good fall.

Also, I’m jointly posting on this blog and the livejournal that I’ve sorta, kinda, not really kept up for about the same amount of time.

Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?

It’s Vacation. Finally! A relaxing frantic week of where I have nine separate things to for three different classes, seven books to read, four days of work, which will more thank likely be extremely busy as the holiday shopping season ramps up into full gear. It’ll be nice to actually have people buy things than just poking around. Brought Kyle to the airport, he’s home for the first time in a year, pretty excited about that.
I’ve also been subcontracted out to help cook part of our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday – I learned to cook bread from scratch. It’s an absurdly simple recipe, although it takes over 12 hours to finish, to give it time to rise and everything. I started the prep work on it last night and had it done by three this afternoon, whereupon I brought it home. My brother’s reaction:

“You made that? It looks professional.”

Cue the laughter from my sister and mother. It turned out great, and everyone seemed to like it well enough, so I’ve started work on some more loaves. Unfortunently, I can only make one at a time, but the time to let it sit is long enough that I’ll be able to start it and leave it again later on. Tasted fantastic too. Made me happy.

I am looking forwards to sleeping in over the next couple days. That and seeing people I haven’t seen in a while. And you know, the whole not going to class part.


Gah, it’s definently been an eh day. I feel like crap, stomach ache, tired, and have had a headache for the past two days.
On the bright side, I finally isolated the program that’s been giving me the insane number of popups, and found another program that helped get rid of a lot of the spywear, trojans and other crap on my computer. So it’s at least running a little better.
The downside of that was that it took about 6 HOURS to scan the entire computer. Arg. At least it’s clean though, sort of.
Now, for bed.