The Dark Knight

I saw a screening last night with a couple of 501st friends, and all I can say is that I was completely blown away by the movie. It held such an intensity, darkness and brilliance that I’m not at all reluctant to say that it’s possibly my favorite comic book movie to date. As a … More The Dark Knight

Just to add…

… to all of my geeking out this week, the Watchmen trailer was just released last night, take a look: .. Holy crap that looks fantastic! Aaaaaandd, the trailer for Season 3 of Heroes: .. !!!

Top Ten Lists

The SciFi Channel did a poll to gauge the best things to read and watch, and compiled three top ten lists. Top 10 Films to Watch 1. Blade Runner 2. The Matrix 3. The Terminator 4. 2001: A Space Odyssey 5. Jurassic Park 6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 7. The Day After Tomorrow … More Top Ten Lists

Sigh, More Fanboys Drama

Sometimes, I think that the internet is a wonderful tool. Other times, it seems to really bring people out of the woodwork. Not since the release of the new Battlestar Galactica have I seen so much pent-up drama and somewhat misguided angst over a film. For those of you who don’t know, the upcoming movie … More Sigh, More Fanboys Drama

The Saturn Awards

The Acadamy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films just released their nominations for the 34th annual Saturn Awards, one of the big heavyweight awards in the genre. Here’s the nominations. I’ve bolded the ones that I think should win. Best Science Fiction Film Cloverfield – Runner Up – Visually interesting, although the story is … More The Saturn Awards

All Hell Breaks Loose

I just got back from seeing the film Cloverfield, which came out on the 18th of January. I have a couple of mixed feelings about it, but overall, I think that it was an absolutely facinating film, one that I feel will really change the way that films are made. The story, in case you … More All Hell Breaks Loose

Charlie Wilson's War

I finally got to watch the latest film from Participant Productions, Charlie Wilson’s War. While the company has had a fairly good track record with political movies, such as Syriana or Good Night and Good Luck, this movie represents a downturn in quality, which is unfortunate, as I had some high hopes for this film. … More Charlie Wilson's War

Movies of the Year

I think that two of the best movies that I saw this year were two that were released last year, to limited theaters, while being released gradually to the rest of the world – Pan’s Labyrinth and Children of Men. Both were astounding. Pan‘s Labyrinth is a highly original fantasy film, dark, and deep. The … More Movies of the Year