2009 Reading List

  So, this year, I read a total of 21 books, far below the total number that I was shooting for – around 40 or so. There are some large gaps – February, March, May, and much of the fall, which coincides nicely with the numerous writing projects that I had going on throughout the … More 2009 Reading List

Veteran's Day

Today is a day to remember the sacrifices of those who had died for one’s country. In the United States, November 11th has been designated as a day to reflect and celebrate the sacrifices of American Servicemen, while in the Commonwealth, Remembrance Day likewise commemorates the those who made the ultimate sacrifice. November 11th was … More Veteran's Day

I Think I'm A Clone Now

So, it’s finally come to pass. My clone trooper is now, officially done. Earlier today, I found that the suit is 501st approved, almost a full year in the making. This has been a far more troublesome, difficult and rewarding project over the past 12 months. A year ago next week, I decided to purchase … More I Think I'm A Clone Now

Just What Does Star Wars Have To Do With St. Patrick's Day?

    Yesterday was one of the New England Garrison‘s biggest events of the year, the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade, held on the Sunday before the holiday every year. It’s been an annual event every year for our group, and this year was probably one of the best ones that we’ve ever done … More Just What Does Star Wars Have To Do With St. Patrick's Day?