Structures in History

I’m continually astounded at just how few people really know how to put together a decent argument and work to convince someone of some basic fact or side of any sort of story, especially at a graduate school. I’ve always loved school, learning and writing, and when as part of my job, I was to … More Structures in History


I just turned in my final paper, The Military Roots of Spaceflight and the Symbolization of the Cold War Arms Race, coming in at 11,220 words, 38 pages. I’m done, done, DONE with Grad School!* *Provided I don’t have this kicked back to me with more edits. Still, it’s more substancial than my last draft, … More DONE

Why We Write

That’s a bit of a bad pun but while talking with someone earlier today, I realized just how much I write. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a science fiction writer; I penned a number of really bad short stories, and submitted several of them to publishers, in hopes that I … More Why We Write

Random Stuff

I’m liking this blogroll application that Blogger has allowed to be added to blogs. There’s been a bunch that I’ve tracked over the years, but this lays them out in a neat manner, and arranges them according to when they’ve been updated, via RSS Feed. I’ve grouped the history ones, people I talk to, Authors … More Random Stuff

RIP: Sir Arthur C Clark

I caught the news last night on my cell phone – British author Sir Arthur C. Clark died yesterday at the age of 90. Honestly, I’m upset. Clarke has long been a favorite author of mine, ever since I read his brilliant short novel 2001, and numerous short stories and novels that he’s penned over … More RIP: Sir Arthur C Clark